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Paul Richards  has a wide variety of experience of Feature and Short films, TV Drama, Music Video and Television Commercials, TV Documentary and Corporate Video Production.
Creating images is his passion.
Producing effective Communication of your script is fundemantal!
  • Creating images for television production and commercial production companies allows me enormous creative freedom”.
  • As a hand held documentary cameraman, I am recognised for the smooth easy style I have developed.
  • My extensive experience lighting and shooting for Film and TV production, provides diverse options in any situation. With minimal lighting and the use of natural surroundings, or the other extreme – utilising truck loads of equipment on a TV commercial production, I can always create something different for my client.
  • Most of all I love people. I love telling their stories and interpreting their views with integrity and style.
  • Call  NOW  to discuss your project. +64-21-959-555
With a background in film drama, he understands pace, timing, storytelling and those simple craft skills “ plus he does it with knowledge, experience and passion.


As a documentary director and producer I’ve worked regularly with Paul Richards for nearly ten years. He creates great images that cut into meaningful sequences. He brings intelligence and flexibility to all kinds of shooting situations.
I have shot successful historical, personal and sporting films with Paul. Every one of them owes something to Pauls eye and insight.As much as he knows about lighting, framing and operating in formal set ups, Paul can walk into any situation, start rolling quickly and elegantly capture the heart of a scene.Recently, Paul and I collaborated on two 50-minute science films for Discovery. Over a few days in Boston, Paul dealt brilliantly with the extremely limited filming conditions of an operating theatre during deep brain surgery – high contrast and different coloured lights, limited access, unpredictable action on both small and large scales, tense and nervous subjects. He also lit and shot beautifully crafted sequences in a brain bank and a studio. Few cinematographers are capable of excellence over such a range of conditions.

I feel lucky to have been able to work with Paul for so long. I look forward to shooting with him again soon.”

– Alan Erson. Click to e-mail Alan Erson.
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Sincerely, thank you. Your flexibility and professionalism got us through this shoot.
The challenges of logistics, untrained people, a difficult script and time pressures meant that it all could have gone horribly wrong. But it didn’t. It went superbly well.
I am very appreciative.Thanks again.
Neil Sparksman | Account Director


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